WFO Event Recap: The Modesty We Share

WFO Event Recap: The Modesty We Share

WFO recently co-hosted an interfaith event with the DC Attorney’s Office, Howard University School of Divinity, Masjid Muhammad and MPAC on the similarity between the religious practice of modesty in dress and head covering across many religious communities.

The purpose of this symposium was to emphasize commonalities between the Muslim community and the broader D.C. community to respond to discrimination.

The panel of eight women represented Western African Traditional Religions, Pentecostalism, Sikhism, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism and Indian Orthodox. With a packed audience filling the pews of the chapel, everyone learned something new.

Attendees enjoyed cookies and lemonade before the event as they perused they various tables selling hats and other types of hair coverings. Shernita M and Mary F were at the WFO table and chatted with participants about Citizens’ Academy and the Junior Special Agents programs.

ADIC McJunkin and US Attorney Machen closed off the program with an emphasis on the dedication of their respective organizations on protecting the rights of everyone, encouraging diversity and protecting against hate/bias crimes. Both ADIC McJunkin &  SSA Perkins stayed later to answer questions and chat with the audience.


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