2014 Speaker Series- Juvenile Sex Human Trafficking

2014 Speaker Series- Juvenile Sex Human Trafficking

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (EST)
Fraternal Order of Police District of Columbia Lodge #1711 4th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

Human trafficking generates billions of dollars of profit each year, making it one of the world’s fastest growing criminal activities. The FBI investigates it as a priority under our civil rights program, but they see human trafficking activities in other investigative areas as well, including organized crime, crimes against children, and gangs.

Bear in mind: human trafficking victims can be found in many job locations and industries—including factories, restaurants, elder care facilities, hotels, housekeeping, child-rearing, agriculture, construction and landscaping, food processing, meat-packing, cleaning services…as well as the commercial sex industry.

And here’s one more thing to consider: while the majority of human trafficking victims in our investigations are from other countries and may speak little or no English, approximately 33 percent of victims are Americans. They come from a variety of groups that are vulnerable to coercive tactics—like minors, certain immigrant populations, the homeless, substance abusers, the mentally challenged and/or minimally educated, and those who come from cultures that historically distrust law enforcement or who have little or no experience with the legal system.

To address the threat, the FBI work cases with our local, state, federal, and international partners and participate in approximately 70 multi-agency human trafficking task forces. They also offer our counterparts—as well as non-governmental organizations, including non-profits—human trafficking awareness training. And to help get a better handle on human trafficking within the U.S., the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program plans to start collecting human trafficking data from law enforcement in 2013.

Many of our human trafficking cases are based on information from our partners and from criminal sources, but they also can and do receive tips from the public.

The event will offer a Cash Bar and Complimentary Light Appetizers.

Please note: 100% of donations & net proceeds from registrants will go towards the FBI Junior Special Agent program which benefits at-risk elementary school children in the Metro DC area.

Invited Speakers:
• Special Agent Jeff Johannes and Fairfax County Police Detective Bill Woolf

• Dip Chandra and Barry Dickman, Board Members; FBI WFO CAAA



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